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Welcome to Mr Carports Melbourne! Are you still wondering if you should get a carport for your home? A Melbourne carport will be a great asset and investment in any season… Or even on one of Melbourne’s notorious four seasons in one day!

Not only will a carport protect your second biggest asset – your car – depending on its size and your requirements a carport can also provide protection for a caravan, boat or trailer. Plus it can be a convenient entertainment area when friends or family pop around.

Mr Carports Melbourne has branches throughout the Western Suburbs of Melbourne  and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. And with the help of our expertise, we will help you design and build the perfect carport for your requirements. You won’t need to worry about getting into a hot car on a summer day or removing frost from your vehicle on a cold day ever again!

Creative ways to utilise your Melbourne carport

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Melburnians found themselves adapting to new ways of living, working and even exercising. With restrictions limiting outdoor activities and gym closures prompting a surge in home fitness equipment sales, the concept of...

Maximise protection with your Melbourne carport

For some reason Melbourne gets a bad rap for its weather. Yet, we get less rain on average than Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Of course, we do sometimes get four seasons in one day, in summer it can get awfully hot and the wind can really blow. Which is why...

Lifting the standards of Melbourne carports

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Melbourne carport on a shoestring

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The Versatile Melbourne Carport

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Building a carport with strict planning requirements

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The anything but standard Melbourne carport

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Choosing the best location for your Melbourne carport

You’ve been doing some research on a new carport for your Melbourne home. Perhaps you’ve already decided on the style, the size, the materials you will use, the colours and even who will help you build your carport (Mr Carports of course!). But have you decided the...

Melbourne carports for our ever so popular cars

Carports Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Open Brick Carport attached to front of House. Building a Melbourne Carport Just for You. Did you know there are some countries where the number of cars per head of population is quite low? Countries like Bangladesh, the Solomon...

Protect your vehicle from the elements

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in Melbourne. It might be beautiful and sunny today and then cold and rainy the next day. This is why a carport is a smart investment. It will protect your car from all kinds of weather. We only build well-designed carports to ensure your vehicle, boats, caravans and trailers are safe and secure.

Having friends and family over this weekend?

Another wonderful reason to have a carport is you could entertain your friends there for a Sunday afternoon barbeque. Who says carports can only be for your vehicles?

A great investment for your home

Carports always add a nice touch to any house. Aside from protecting your car from the harsh weather, it also helps increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it. Carports are a smart investment, and you will never regret getting one! We also have a 10-year structural warranty if you’re still not convinced.

Cars are the second most expensive asset that we own next to our house. Adding a carport ensures that both of these maintain and even increase their value. Our commitment to excellence has made us the top choice for Australian homeowners. We provide a vast selection of styles so you can choose the perfect the design to suit your home.

We can also work with design limitations and whatever space you may have available. Contact us today, and our team will gladly assist you in creating a unique carport for your home.

Never settle for anything less

Mr Carports Melbourne has been building carports since 1991. We are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed for the job. We can customise a carport for any house! We understand the needs of our clients, and we do our best to produce only the best quality every time. So if you think it’s time to get a carport for your home, just give us a call, and we’ll schedule a free on-site quote right away.

Why a carport?

A carport is the cheapest and most efficient way to protect your car, boat or trailer from the harsh elements. Garages might do the same job, but carports from Mr Carports Melbourne are evidently more affordable and require less space.

A carport creates a dry, covered area so you can load and unload your car on a rainy day. During the hot summer months, a carport can also protect your vehicle from the extreme heat and UV sun damage. You may also set up chairs and tables under the shade of your carport to entertain your friends on a beautiful day!

Mr Carports Melbourne offers a broad range of styles and designs. We ensure that you will find a suitable design that will complement your home. Our carports are multipurpose, cost-effective and consume less space than a garage. Aside from building a robust and durable carport, finding the perfect design for your house is paramount to us too. We can create a custom carport to fit the appearance of your home.

When you have finally decided to get a carport, the next step would be to know what size and style of carport your house will require. Here are some of the attractive designs and style.

Carport Styles

When you have finally decided to get a carport, the next step would be to know what size and style of carport your house will require. Here are some of the attractive designs and style.

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