Flat Roof Carports

A flat roof carport is a simple yet functional structure designed to protect vehicles from the elements. It typically features a flat, horizontal roof that extends over a parking space. The roof is supported by sturdy pillars or columns at each corner, ensuring stability and durability. The materials used for the roof can vary, often consisting of metal, polycarbonate, or heavy-duty fabric, chosen for their weather-resistant properties.


Flat Roof Carport Design

The design of the flat roof carport is minimalist and modern, with clean lines and a sleek profile. It lacks walls, allowing for easy access and ventilation, and is often large enough to accommodate one or two vehicles. The colour scheme is usually neutral, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment or matching the aesthetics of the nearby main building.

Flat Carport Canopy Adelaide, Transparent flat roof carport attached to house with lattice.

Flat roof carport – Simple yet elegant.

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Additional Features

Some flat roof carports may include additional features like built-in gutters for rainwater drainage, solar panels for energy efficiency, or integrated lighting for night time use.

The structure’s simplicity makes it versatile and suitable for residential, commercial, or public settings. Depending on the available space and specific requirements, it can be a freestanding unit or attached to a building.


Flat Roof Carport Gallery

Here are some examples of flat roof carports we’ve built recently

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