We’d all love to have expansive carports, with plenty of room for two cars and storage. However, in Sydney, where space often comes at a premium, homeowners regularly face challenges when it comes to adding functional outdoor structures like carports to their properties.

While you might not be able to do anything about the available space, you can still have a great carport. With innovative design solutions and the expertise of a skilled Sydney carport builder, even small properties can accommodate stylish and practical carports.

6 ideas for small Sydney carports

  1. Choose a compact carport design that make efficient use of available space without compromising functionality. For example, a cantilever carport or a sleek single-post design that minimises the footprint while providing adequate coverage for your vehicle.
  2. Customised carports are always the best option, particularly when working with a small space where every centimetre counts.  By customising the sizing and configuration of your carport, you’ll tailor-make a design that precisely fits the unique dimensions and layout of your property. This not only ensures optimal utilisation of your space, but it also adds to the aesthetic appeal.
  3. Many Sydney homeowners are faced with the dilemma of having enough space for a good sized outdoor structure, but not the space for two. So they need to choose between a carport and an outdoor living area. Or do they? One solution is to build a carport that is multi-functional. By adding in features such as outdoor blinds, a garage door, built-in seating, lighting and storage, and by utilising folding furniture and small barbecues, you can create a versatile space that serves multiple purposes.
  4. If you want storage for your small Sydney carport, consider incorporating vertical solutions into the design. Utilise wall-mounted racks, shelving units or overhead storage systems to free up valuable floor space.
  5. Choose space-saving materials and construction techniques that help minimise the overall footprint of your carport while maintaining structural integrity and durability. For example, while chunky timber posts can be stunning, it’s better to choose sleek but robust steel for the posts.
  6. One regular issue with small carports on small blocks is lack of light. To overcome this, consider using one, two or more sheets of polycarbonate in the roof. Adding lighting is also recommended. Lighting is not just functional. It can also improve carport security and safety. Motion-activated security lighting can be particularly useful in carports.

Get a reputable Sydney carport builder on your side

While the above six ideas will help, by far the best tip is to consult with a reputable Sydney carport builder who specialises in customised solutions. They’ll be able to help you get the most from every single centimetre of space that you do have available on your block.

In Sydney, the best people to call are Mr Carports. With over 30 years of experience in building carports, we’ve seen our fair share of small and often difficult spaces. And we’ve helped homeowners overcome challenges that would send some Sydney carport builders running the other way!

Whether you have a small space or an expansive area, Mr Carports can help. Give us a call on 1800 557 782 to start the process. We’ll then organise for the branch owner nearest you to pop around for a visit to discuss your project, and provide a free design and quote.

How do you design and build a Sydney carport for a small space? Mr Carports have some clever ideas.
How do you design and build a Sydney carport for a small space? Mr Carports have some clever ideas.