While a Brisbane carport is and always will be a great way to provide shelter for your vehicle, the modern carport is so much more. Homeowners want a carport that blends functionality with aesthetics, adding style, charm and yes, even serenity to their home.

Having a carport that is surrounded by garden – and even with vegetation hanging from and on the carport – is one trend that is currently gaining momentum in Brisbane and across Australia. It’s one way to make your carport more aesthetically pleasing and serene. This presents an exciting opportunity to transform what may otherwise be a utilitarian space into lush and inviting green haven.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of carport gardening, offering creative ideas to incorporate plants, flowers, and greenery that can turn your Brisbane carport into a thriving garden retreat.

6 steps to a green Brisbane carport

  1. The first step in creating a carport garden is selecting the right plants. Choose resilient, low-maintenance varieties that thrive in the Brisbane climate and your locale. Consider native plants, along with grasses, succulents and flowering perennials that can withstand varying weather conditions while adding visual appeal to the space.
  2. Make the most of limited space by embracing vertical gardening techniques. Install trellises, hanging baskets, or wall-mounted planters on and around your carport to cultivate vines, herbs and flowers vertically. This not only maximises space but also adds a dynamic and visually interesting dimension to your carport garden.
  3. For a truly transformative touch, if you have a flat roof carport consider implementing a green roof. Introduce a layer of soil and plant grasses, sedums or other ground-cover plants to create a living roof. Not only does this enhance insulation, but it also provides a charming view from above, especially if your home has an upper-level balcony. Before you go ahead with a green roof, however, seek advice from a structural engineer who can make sure your Brisbane carport roof can support the extra weight.
  4. Incorporate containers of various sizes and styles to introduce a diverse range of plants to your carport garden. This approach allows for flexibility, enabling you to move plants around for optimal sunlight or to refresh the arrangement. Container gardening also works well for herbs and edible plants, turning your carport into a convenient source of fresh produce.
  5. Bring vibrancy to your Brisbane carport garden with strategically placed flower beds. Choose a colour scheme that complements your home’s exterior and arrange flowers in raised beds or borders. This not only adds a pop of colour but also attracts pollinators, contributing to a healthier ecosystem.
  6. Integrate hardscaping elements like decorative stones, pathways, a small seating area and even a water feature to make your carport garden both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Create a balance between greenery and hard surfaces, enhancing the overall design and making the space more inviting.

The best Brisbane carport builder

Mr Carports may not necessarily have green thumbs nor are we the best to advise on which plants to grow around your carport, but we can design and build a great new Brisbane carport for your home.

Call Mr Carports on 1800 557 782 to organise a visit to your home. We’ll then pop around to discuss your new carport, plus provide a free quote and design.

Is your Brisbane carport looking a bit bare or even utilitarian? Turn it into a green oasis with these tips from Outside Concepts.
Is your Brisbane carport looking a bit bare or even utilitarian? Turn it into a green oasis with these tips from Outside Concepts.