For some reason Melbourne gets a bad rap for its weather. Yet, we get less rain on average than Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Of course, we do sometimes get four seasons in one day, in summer it can get awfully hot and the wind can really blow. Which is why maximising the protection your Melbourne carport provides is vital.

How can you maximise your carport’s protection?

There are several things you can do to improve and maximise the protection that your Melbourne carport will provide to your cars. For example:

  • Most importantly, make sure your carport is big enough for your needs. For example, if you have a big car, a 5.4 metre by 2.4 metre carport is going to be a squeeze. This isn’t just a potential access issue, it will also reduce the level of protection. See Mr Carports’ recommended carport sizes.
  • If you have the space, make your carport even larger. A 6.0 by 6.0 double carport is excellent for most families, however, if you can stretch this a little more, even better. The good thing is that when you choose Mr Carports, you can have any size carport you want. Just one of the benefits of using a carport builder who designs and builds customised carports.
  • Even if you don’t want to or can’t increase the size of your carport, you may be able to extend the roofline.
  • Position your carport to shield against prevailing weather conditions. This will consider, for example, the prevailing wind direction and the path of the sun. A common position for a carport is against the house, which is a great way of reducing exposure to sun, wind and rain.
  • Carports are often open structures, but they don’t need to be completely open. For example, you can install a wall or screening on one or both sides or a wall at the end. If you’re after something more versatile, consider installing outdoor blinds, which you can open or close when you want
  • Similarly, a garage door at the front of your carport is also going to increase the level of protection. Doors are also excellent for increasing security for your vehicles.
  • It perhaps goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Select roofing materials that provide adequate coverage and protection against sun, rain, and debris. Popular options are Colorbond, polycarbonate sheets and tiles. Similarly, ensure your gutters and downpipes are designed and maintained to divert rainwater away for your carport.

Your Melbourne carport

As we highlighted in the above tips in the section on carport size, choosing a customised carport builder allows you to make your carport the exact size you want. In fact, for most of the tips above, a customised solution is the best option.

In addition to designing and building a carport that will provide maximum protection for your cars, using a customised solution means you’ll have a total say on how your carport looks. You’ll be able to perfectly match your home or complement it, giving your carport the wow factor and adding significant value to your home.

To get a quote for a new Melbourne carport, phone Mr Carports on 1800 557 782. You can also contact us via the website.

Want maximum protection for your cars from Melbourne’s weather? Our tips will show you how.
Want maximum protection for your cars from Melbourne’s weather? Our tips will show you how.