Have you ever wondered if there is a standard size for Melbourne carport?

Perhaps you’re considering building a new carport and are wondering what the standard sizes are. Don’t worry, Mr Carports has the answers. After all, we’ve built a carport or two (or a few thousand!) since we started trading back in 1991.

Standard carport sizes

First off, there are no standard carport sizes, as such. Partly, this is due to the varying sizes of cars.

A single carport of say 5.4 metres long by 2.4 metres wide may be just okay for a small car, but for a bigger vehicle would be extremely cramped. The car door could hit a post, fence or side wall and it would be difficult to get in and out of the car.

Mr Carports’ recommended carport sizes are:

  • Single carport – 6.0 metres long by 3.0 metres wide.
  • Double carport – 6.0 metres long by 6.0 metres wide.
  • For triple and larger carports, use multiples of the above.
  • For all carports, if you have one or more sides that are enclosed, allow 300 millimetres extra for each enclosed side. If you want to install a roller door, add at least 100 millimetres to allow for posts.
  • For all carports, allow a minimum of 2.4 metres of height.

As we said, this is what Mr Carports recommends. Even if you have a small car or cars, these are still good minimums to adhere to allow for future needs.

Also remember to check with your local council as they may have rules on carport sizes. For example, in Melbourne’s City of Bayside, the maximum average height of a carport on or within 200mm to a side or rear boundary must not exceed 3.2m and a maximum height of 3.6m.

Customised carports far from standard

If you want to build with some carport providers, you may be restricted to the sizes available. You might have a size for a single carport and a size for a double carport and that’s it. Hardly useful if you want to build a carport that is non-standard.

One of the great things about choosing Mr Carports to design and build your Melbourne carport is there is no such thing as standard. We’ll build a carport to whatever size you want.

It’s not just the size, either. You can customise every aspect of your carport. This includes the style, materials used, colours and any additional features, such as enclosing one or more sides, adding a roller door, incorporating lighting and anything else you can think of.

That’s right. At Mr Carports we’re really raising the standards!

Get a quote for a new carport

You might think a fully customised carport would be expensive, but it’s not. Yes, you’re likely to spend more than some carport providers, but there are ways of keeping the cost down if you’re on a budget. For example, choosing a metal or metal/polycarbonate roof rather than tiles.

Another benefit of using Mr Carports is that we know how to make clients’ money stretch further. Add to this our free and no obligation design and quote service, our competitive pricing policy, our fixed price guarantee and our interest free finance options, and it’s easy to see why thousands of Australians have relied on Mr Carports.

To raise the standards of your new Melbourne carport, phone us on 1800 557 782 or see the Melbourne carport page on our website.

Is there such as thing as standard sizes for carports in Melbourne?
Is there such as thing as standard sizes for carports in Melbourne?