With cost of living pressures still biting hard for many Australians, more people are using ingenious ways to save and make money, including hiring out parking spots. Which got us thinking, can you make money from renting out your Sydney carport?

Renting out a parking spot in your Sydney carport might seem a little far-fetched, but there’s some merit to the suggestion. For example:

  • Parking marketplace provider, Parkhound, states that a carport in Sydney can make up to $400 a month.
  • They claim to have around 10,000 parking spots available to rent on their database, across all of Australia. This includes carports, garages, indoor parking lots and even driveways.
  • According to Drive, the most expensive parking spot in Sydney they found during research was $1280 per month. This was, however, for a secure, undercover spot in the CBD.

If you are looking to make money from your Sydney carport by renting it out as a parking spot, listing the space on one of the many online providers that are now available is a good idea. Generally your carport would need to be near facilities such as a shopping centre, train station, airport, a school or other area where finding a car space can be difficult. You don’t need to make the space available all day and night. It could simply be a few hours during the day, at a time that suits you.

A Sydney carport is a great investment

Renting out a parking space is a somewhat novel way of making money from your Sydney carport, but it won’t be suitable for everyone. So, are there other ways to make money or save money using your carport? Yes, there most certainly are:

  • A well-designed and built carport will protect your car from the elements, which means it will retain its value for longer.
  • By adding security features to your carport, you can protect your cars against theft and vandalism.
  • Generally, a car that is parked in a carport will cost less for insurance than a car that is left on the street or in a driveway without cover.
  • A carport will add value to your home. In fact, in a market like Sydney, you’ll almost always recoup the cost of the carport when it comes time to sell your home. Often, you’ll recoup the cost and much more.

Looking to add a carport to your Sydney home?

It’s difficult to make money or save money from your Sydney carport if you don’t have one, so start making plans today.

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Looking for ways to make money from your Sydney carport? See Mr Carports’ tips.

Looking for ways to make money from your Sydney carport? See Mr Carports’ tips.