With rising interest rates and cost of living pressures, many Melbourne households don’t have a lot of spare change lying around. So, is now the time to move ahead with a new carport for your home or should you park the idea and wait until there’s a bit more money in your bank?

Building a carport on a budget

While there are some things you shouldn’t compromise on – and we’ll look at these soon – there are ways to design and build a carport on a budget. And we’re not talking about a cheap (and nasty) off-the-shelf carport. We mean a customised carport that’s been designed and built specifically for your Melbourne home.

Here are some of our key tips to building a carport on a budget:

  • It rarely makes sense to compromise on the size of carport or the style. You should always try to design and build a carport that’s big enough for your needs and will look great.
  • You should also never compromise on quality. That is, quality materials and quality workmanship. Always make sure your chosen carport builder has a long-term structural guarantee.
  • You may need to compromise in other areas, however. For example, if you’ve got your heart set on a tiled roof, you may need to compromise by using metal or polycarbonate roofing that will be more economical. Instead of a Dutch gable roof, you may need to choose another roof style.
  • Naturally, you should always get quotes to design and build a carport for your Melbourne home. But sometimes it can be difficult to compare quotes. Reputable outdoor structure providers include everything in their quote, while others don’t. Each provider may also be providing a different solution or design. Take a look at this handy checklist to help compare quotes.
  • A good carport builder should offer advice on how to help you build a carport for your Melbourne home on a budget.
  • It’s also worth highlighting that advice should be free and you should never be rushed into deciding. If a carport builder tries to rush you into signing on the bottom line, before seeing a design and a fully itemised quote, you should walk away.

Mr Carports can help

There are many ways that Mr Carports can help you build a Melbourne carport on a budget. For example:

  • We provide a free and no obligation design and quote service.
  • We never compromise on quality. That’s why we can confidently provide a 10-year structural guarantee.
  • Our pricing is incredibly competitive. Partly because of our materials buying power. It’s why we stand by our claim that we won’t be beaten on a comparable written quote.
  • We provide a fixed price guarantee on all carports. What does this mean? Unless there’s unforeseen circumstances, like finding rock on excavation, you always pay the price agreed to.
  • We can help set you up with interest free finance if your budget won’t stretch far enough, but you want to design and build a carport now.

To find out more, phone us on 1800 557 782 or see the Melbourne carport page on our website.

Designing and building a carport for your Melbourne home on a budget can be difficult, but it is possible.
Designing and building a carport for your Melbourne home on a budget can be difficult, but it is possible.