Protect Your Cars from the Elements with a Double Carport on Brisbane’s Northside

These days, the security of ourselves and our possessions is all important, and that’s certainly true with our cars. Cars parked outside Brisbane homes are a potential security risk and while using a carport helps somewhat, in many cases they do not thwart would-be vandals or thieves.

Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Car Ports Brisbane and a Gable Carport with Roller Door

The good news is that when it comes to carport security, there are things you can do. While following these tips may not guarantee that your car won’t be stolen or vandalised, it can certainly reduce the chances.

Tips to improve Brisbane carport security

  • While carports are generally open structures, they don’t need to be. Adding a roller door to the front of your carport is a great idea for security. Fencing, walls or screens on the sides of your carport that are exposed to the street can also help.
  • Lighting can certainly improve carport security for your Brisbane home. While lighting that turns on automatically at night is a good idea, even better is motion sensor lights.
  • More and more surveillance cameras are being fitted to Brisbane homes. Having one that focuses on your carport will help security. Not only can cameras deter those with nefarious intentions, but it will also help with identification and insurance if something does happen.
  • If you want to take it to the next level, consider installing an alarm security system in your carport. Motion sensors, weight plates and other passive devices can be installed to alert you to a possible vandal or thief.
  • Don’t store valuables, such as lawnmowers, tools and other equipment, in the carport as this only makes your carport more attractive to thieves. Store them out of sight instead. If you’re building a new carport, consider adding storage to the design. Add a lock system or padlock to keep your valuables secure.
  • Don’t make it easier for thieves to steal your car. Never leave your keys in your car, even for a minute. Plus, also think about where you keep your keys inside. Having them where they are in plain sight of a window or glass door is not the best idea.
  • If you’re considering building a new carport for your Brisbane home, think about security from the start. A carport that is closer to the street is more likely to attract would-be wrongdoers. The back of a property, where it’s dark, isn’t the best location either. It’s best to locate your new carport beside your home, ideally with a view from a door or window.

Let Mr Carports help

Mr Carports knows a thing or two about designing and building carports in Brisbane Northside. Plus, we can help you make it more secure too.

It’s a great idea if you’re thinking about building a new carport to factor in security along the way. Lighting, roller doors, fencing, screening, walls, cameras and other tips mentioned above can all be added to the design, rather than trying to retrofit later.

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Is your carport secure? Here are some tips to beef up security on your Brisbane carport.
Is your carport secure? Here are some tips to beef up security on your Brisbane carport.