A Modern Flat Roof Carport Attached House: A Practical and Elegant Solution

It’s early January and the Festive Season is over for another year. If you’re like most people you probably have a kilogram or two to shed from the extra servings of pudding, so you really should head out for a walk. But you also want to spend time online researching for a new carport for your Sydney home.

Well, here’s an idea. Why not do both at the same time!

Walk this way for Sydney carport research

One of the simple ways of conducting research if you’re looking for a new carport is to lace on your walking shoes and take a stroll around your neighbourhood.

Specifically, look for homes that are a bit similar to yours that have a carport. Take note of the materials, colours and design factors they’ve used, particularly if you like the look of the carport. It also pays to take a quick, discreet photo with your phone, which you can refer to when back at home.

This type of research is invaluable in helping determine things such as:

  • The style of carport you like.
  • The materials you may want to use when building your carport.
  • The colours you will use.
  • Any other aspects you like that you may utilise in your new Sydney carport.
  • As well as neighbourhood trends.

Why do some carports look right and others don’t?

One of the things you may notice on your walk is that some carports just look right, but others don’t. And we’re not talking about obvious things, such as carports that have peeling paint, gutters with weeds, broken downpipes and a lean-to rival a well-known tower in Italy.

Carports that look right will either perfectly match or complement the home they sit beside. This can be through the use of roofing styles, materials and colours. It can also be mimicking features, such as boxed-in posts and gutters, end-fills and decorative features. The images on this page, both of which show carports built by Mr Carports in Sydney, are good examples.

On the other hand, carports that look wrong will neither match nor complement the home. They’ll provide a feeling of being disconnected and look like they belong with another house. The carports may be perfectly practical, but they don’t look great and don’t add to the aesthetic value of the home.

Enough walking, let’s get phoning

When you’ve finished your walking and your researching, it’s time to get phoning – Mr Carports that is.

Our experience and expertise in building carports in the Sydney area is legendary. We specialise in designing and building customised carports. This means you have total control over all aspects of your carport, including size, materials, design and colours. Perfectly matching or complementing your home will be a breeze!

Call Mr Carports on 1800 557 782 and we’ll organise a no-obligation discussion, design and quote for your new carport.

Conducting research for a new carport for your Sydney home? It’s time to lace on your walking shoes.

Conducting research for a new carport for your Sydney home? It’s time to lace on your walking shoes.