With Melbourne’s backyards continually shrinking, outside space is fast becoming a premium. So, when it comes to what to put on your block, you might need to make some tough decisions. For example, there may not be room for a carport and a large outdoor living area, so which should you choose?

The best answer, we think, is to combine the two into one. After all, why shouldn’t you have it all?

Four tips for turning your Melbourne carport into an entertainment area

The upcoming festive season break is a perfect example of when it can make sense to use your carport for a part-time entertainment area. Park your car on the street for the day and all of a sudden. You have an undercover space that you can use on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or for another social gathering.

To be fair, however, it takes a little more work than simply moving your car to make the perfect entertainment area. Here are our key tips to make the concept successful, courtesy of Mr Carports Melbourne branch.

  1. There’s one key issue with using most Melbourne carports for entertaining. That is, they’re in full view of the street. For privacy, consider adding a garage door to your existing carport or add it to the design for a new project. You could also add screening on the sides or use outdoor blinds.
  2. For furniture, you could bring out your inside table and chairs, particularly if you only use your carport for entertaining occasionally. If you’re looking to use your carport more regularly, folding furniture that you can store and set up in minutes is a great idea. If you’re building a new carport, you could even incorporate storage in the design for such a purpose.
  3. For a barbecue, there are many small options available that should suit you perfectly. Even a portable barbecue placed on a tabletop will do for smaller gatherings.
  4. Add lighting to your carport for those lovely Melbourne nights when you’d rather stay outside than go inside. Integrating lighting is a great idea if you’re building a new carport. For something more temporary, a string of lights you can put in place when required will often do.

There are several benefits to adding a door to a carport:

1. Security: A door can help to secure the items stored in the carport, such as a car or lawn equipment, from potential theft or vandalism.
2. Weather protection: A door can provide additional protection from the elements, such as wind, rain, and snow, for the items stored in the carport.
3. Temperature control: A door can help to regulate the temperature in the carport, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
4. Privacy: A door can help to increase privacy in the carport, making it less visible to neighbours and passersby.
5. Aesthetics: A door can add a finished look to a carport and improve the property’s overall appearance.


Mr Carports, for your new Melbourne carport

As we’ve highlighted in the above points, if you are considering building a new carport for your Melbourne home and like the idea of using the structure as a part-time entertainment area, plan for it in your design. For example, the addition of integrated lighting, a garage door, screening, outdoor blinds, storage, electrical outlets and even integrated speakers are all worth considering.

Mr Carports’ Melbourne branch can help make it happen. We have all the knowledge and expertise to build the perfect carport come part-time entertainment area in one. We can even recommend some songs to add to your music library to start the party!

Phone us on 1800 557 782 or submit a contact form on our website.

With block sizes in Melbourne shrinking, using your carport as a part-time entertainment area makes even more sense.

With block sizes in Melbourne shrinking, using your carport as a part-time entertainment area makes even more sense.