What do you call a carport in Adelaide that features a roller door? A carport. What do you call a carport that has one side enclosed. Again, a carport.

We could go further with these questions and answers, but we think you get the idea. Perhaps a better question to ask is when does a carport for your Adelaide home become a garage? We’ll answer the question in this post, as well as examining whether a carport or a garage is your best option.

Adelaide carport or garage?

When does a carport become a garage?

If you’re looking for a highly technical answer that involves structural terms or engineering considerations, you’re going to be disappointed. You see, the simple difference is that a garage is fully enclosed, while a carport isn’t.

As highlighted in the opening paragraph, a carport can be partly enclosed. You could have a roller door at the front, or one of the sides or ends (or even three sides and ends) enclosed. But when it’s fully enclosed it’s a garage.

Why does it matter what it’s called?

Whether you want to call your Adelaide structure a carport or a garage is really up to you, but there are some key differences that are worth explaining.

The first is that in some Adelaide council areas, the approval requirements will be a little less onerous for a carport than for a garage. This can reduce some of the red tape, time and costs involved. In fact, there are some instances where council approval might not be needed at all for a carport. However, this depends on aspects such as the size, distance from the property boundary and whether it’s attached to another building.

You can also save time as a carport will generally be quicker to complete.

Why partly enclose your Adelaide carport?

Another question you might be wondering, is why would you partly enclose your new Adelaide carport? There are several reasons that you might consider:

  • A roller door will beef up security for your cars. Add a remote and you have convenience as well.
  • Enclosing one or more sides of your carport will increase protection from the elements, such as the sun, rain and hail.
  • Partly enclosing your carport can provide more privacy, particularly from nosy neighbours.
  • If you have young children or pets and you’re concerned about them around your cars, then blocking their access to the carport is an excellent idea. For this purpose, you don’t need the enclosures to go all the way to the roof-line; part way will do.

Mr Carports in Adelaide

If you’re considering building a carport for your Adelaide home, Mr Carports is the best team for the job. We design and build all types of carports, and if you’d like your’s to feature a roller door or be partly enclosed, we can certainly help.

Phone Mr Carports on 1800 557 782 to organise a free discussion, design and quote. You can also look at our Adelaide branch page for more information.

Considering a new carport for your Adelaide home? Partly enclosing your carport does have benefits.
Considering a new carport for your Adelaide home? Partly enclosing your carport does have benefits.