Can the Brisbane sun really damage a car’s paintwork, or is it a myth? Will having a carport protect one of your most precious assets from the rigours of the sun?

First, let’s look at the question about whether the sun can damage your paintwork. It is a fact that the sun’s rays are powerful enough to do damage. If your car is new, you may not notice the effect in the first year or two of ownership, but eventually, you will.

How many years until you will notice? This is more difficult to say as it depends on the weather conditions. In an area like Brisbane, where the sun can really pound down, it might only be a few years before you notice any fading. Or it could take many more years, particularly if you keep your car out of the sun for most of the time.

Protecting your car

So, how can you protect your car and ensure the paintwork won’t fade too quickly?

  • While it would be ridiculous to only take your car out on cloudy days, you can at least do something when your car is parked at your home. By having a carport, a garage or another form of cover, you will be helping to ensure your car’s paintwork stays shiny for longer.
  • Parking your car at your Brisbane home, in a carport or garage, isn’t the only thing you can do. Regular washing will also help to keep your paintwork like new. Washing by hand or using a commercial hand wash facility is best. Some automatic car washes can be quite harsh on your paintwork.
  • In-between cleans, if you notice bird droppings on your car’s paintwork, then wash it off immediately. Bird droppings can be acidic and eat into the paint.
  • Polish your car at least twice a year and preferably up to four times a year. Shining the paintwork will provide a protective layer between it and the sun.

Get a new carport for your Brisbane home

Now that you know the damage the sun can do to your car’s paintwork, it’s time to get a carport for your Brisbane home. And when it comes to carports in Brisbane, there’s only one company to call – Mr Carports.

We’ve been building carports in the Brisbane area since 1991 and have the experience and expertise to build a great carport for you. In addition, we can provide advice to help you along the way. Like building your carport in a location where your car will receive protection from the westerly sun, which can do the most damage. Or, when that’s not possible, enclosing the west side of your carport to fully protect your car.

Phone Mr Carports on 1800 557 782 or contact us today and we’ll organise a time to visit you for a no-obligation discussion, design and quote.

A carport for your Brisbane home is one way to ensure your car’s paintwork stays like new for longer.

A carport for your Brisbane home is one way to ensure your car’s paintwork stays like new for longer.