We were going to title this post ’21 ways to use your garage other than to park your cars’, but let’s face it we build carports, not garages. However, it is true that more and more Sydney people are using their garages for other purposes, which is why having a carport for your cars is so important.

Exploring the garage conversion phenomenon

An online article on Domain highlights the phenomenon of people using their garages for things other than parking cars. While it was published in 2018, the stats are no doubt just as relevant today.

The article quoted research that showed that in Australian cities, 30 to 40 per cent of people in apartment buildings with an on-site car parks didn’t use them for parking. For people with detached buildings, 44 per cent used their garages for storage.

While storage is the main reason people use their garages, other than for parking cars, it’s not the only one. Some people convert their garages into interior space, such as a second living area or additional bedroom. Others have turned their garages into a home office, which was so important during lockdowns. While  others use their garage as a personal gym or the Aussie stereotypical ‘Man Cave’.

Why are more people converting their garage for other purposes? While there are many reasons, the most common one is the need, or the perception of needing, more living space. The Domain article highlights that the cost of the garage space is another key reason, with any car parking spot in some parts of Sydney worth up to $300,000. Remember, that figure was from four years ago and it’s probably much higher now.

The importance of having a carport in Sydney

All of the above makes the reasons to convert a garage in Sydney perfectly understandable, but that doesn’t resolve the question of what to do with your cars. You could leave them on a driveway or on the street, leaving them unprotected from rain, hail, hot sun, debris and would-be thieves.

A much better solution is to build a carport for your Sydney home.

A carport will provide most of the benefits of a garage. It will protect your cars from the elements and help to keep them more secure, particularly if you beef up security with items such as sensor lights, a roller door or security cameras.

Plus, with outdoor space so important and valuable in Sydney, your carport can become an occasional entertainment area. Simply pop your cars on the street for a few hours and bring in some outdoor furniture, and you have the makings of a perfect spot to host friends and family.

Call Mr Carports

While Mr Carports can’t help you with a garage conversion, we can certainly help you design and build a new carport for your Sydney home. To get the ball rolling, call Mr Carports on 1800 557 782. We’ll then organise a no-obligation discussion, design and quote.

Using your garage for something other than parking your cars? Then a carport for your Sydney home is a must.

Using your garage for something other than parking your cars? Then a carport for your Sydney home is a must.


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