If there’s one thing that alarms many Melbourne homeowners and developers more than the words “heritage overlay” we don’t know what it is! However, the words and restrictions they entail aren’t necessarily alarming. In fact, as a new carport in the Melbourne suburb of Kew demonstrates, sometimes heritage or other restrictions can be used to your advantage.

What is heritage overlay and how can it affect Melbourne carports?

In simple terms, a heritage overlay can be applied to a home, site, land or group of buildings that has been either formally recognised on the heritage register or identified in local heritage studies. The purpose is widespread, but is mostly aimed at conserving the natural and cultural significance of the places on the register.

Around 300,000 or so places in Victoria are considered historically significant and are protected by a heritage overlay. Each council in Victoria administers the overlay of places in their area.

When it comes to carports, restrictions will depend on a range of factors and essentially the significance of the property. In some cases, if you live in a heritage overlay home in Melbourne,  you will need to make an application to demolish an old carport and construct a new one.

Heritage overlay no issue for this Melbourne carport

As we said in the introduction, while heritage overlays can be restrictive, it can also be used to your advantage. That’s what homeowners in Kew did, when they used Mr Carports in Melbourne to build their new carport. They were faced with strict heritage listing regulations, but were still able to build the carport they wanted.

The double carport with two storage units with roller doors on either side had to comply with several heritage listing challenges. These included setback restrictions on both the front and side boundaries, height limitations and a need to render the carport in rough cast, a little used method of plastering outside walls in lime, cement and gravel, to match the walls of the heritage listed house.

The result was a practical carport for the owners, that provided uniquenesss and wow factor.

There are many other examples of heritage overlay projects that Mr Carports has successfully completed for customers. Like the Kew example, instead of giving up on their carport dreams, the homeowners and Mr Carports have used the restrictions to their advantage, building carports that met the owners’ needs while perfectly matching the homes that they sit alongside.

Mr Carports for your new Melbourne carport 

Mr Carport branches are owned by people who are local to the area you live in. And they have a very good understanding of the regulations in their area. This applies to heritage overlay restrictions, as well as standard local council regulations and restrictions in bushfire prone regions.

Give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782 to organise a convenient time to catch up for a free, no-obligation discussion, design and quote.

Want a new carport for your heritage listed Melbourne home? It’s no issue with Mr Carports.
Want a new carport for your heritage listed Melbourne home? It’s no issue with Mr Carports.