While protecting your car from the elements is a good reason to have a carport in Adelaide, there is one element we’d definitely like our cars to avoid and that’s frost. If you’ve ever had to get frost off your car windscreen on a cold winter’s morning you’ll certainly know why.

So, in this blog, let’s take a closer look at frost, what causes it, how to remove it if you’re not lucky enough to have a carport, and how to make sure frost never ruins another winter morning.

What is frost?

Frost is simply water on the ground, vegetation and other objects (e.g. your car that’s not parked in a carport at your Adelaide home!) that freezes on a cold night.

To be a little more technical, according to National Geographic, it’s water vapor, or water in gas form, that becomes solid. Frost forms when the outside surface of the ground, vegetation and your car cools past the dew point. This is the point where the air gets so cold, the water vapour in the atmosphere becomes a liquid and then freezes. If it’s cold enough, bits of ice form and this is what we call frost.

In Adelaide and in fact most of Australia, frost usually only forms at night when the temperatures are colder (two degrees or less). This is why a car that’ s not parked in a carport or undercover at night is susceptible to frost.

While frost isn’t all that common in the parts of Adelaide nearer the coast (we usually get less than 10 days a year) it is more prevalent in the Adelaide Hills and inland areas.

How do you remove frost from your car?

If you’re not lucky enough to have your car parked in a carport or undercover, what is the best way to remove frost? Let’s look at some common ways:

  • Simply turn on your car and put the defroster on full whack. It will take quite a bit of time to clear the frost from your windscreen and other glass surfaces, so be patient.
  • Turn on your garden hose and spray the glass areas of your car. It might sound silly to use cold water, but it is warm enough to clear the frost.
  • You can also use a spray bottle filled with a home-made solution. Rubbing alcohol and dishwashing liquid, for example, water and vinegar, or water and rubbing alcohol.
  • Use a plastic scraper to scrape off the frost. Using the home-made solution beforehand will speed this up.
  • Never, ever pour hot water on your car to remove frost as it can crack your glass due to the extreme temperature change.

Keeping frost off your car

The only way to keep frost off your car during cold nights and mornings in Adelaide is to keep it undercover. You could use a car cover or window cover, but it’s much easier to simply park it in a garage or, our favourite, a carport. That way, you’ll never have to worry about frost again.

The great thing about a carport in Adelaide is that it won’t just protect your car from frost. Carports are highly useful in protecting your car from other elements, such as rain, hail and blazing sun. A carport will also protect your car from small limbs, leaves and other debris during high winds.

To have a new carport built for your home, get in touch with the experts in Adelaide, Mr Carports. We can build you a carport that will protect your car and look great.

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A carport in Adelaide will help keep frost off your car on cold nights and mornings, and protect your car all-year-round.

A carport in Adelaide will help keep frost off your car on cold nights and mornings, and protect your car all-year-round.