You could be forgiven recently for forgetting that Brisbane is known as the capital of the sunshine state. In fact, in almost every month this year even Melbourne has enjoyed more sunshine hours than us! That’s not to mention the deluges of rain that we’ve experienced.

While the weather has hit us all in one way shape or form, if you’re lucky enough to have a carport at your Brisbane home at least you’ve had some respite. It’s likely you haven’t been caught in a downpour trying to carry a boot-load of groceries from the car to the house, had to rush to the car and got your hair wet while doing the morning school run, or had twigs, small branches and other debris hurled at your car during a storm.

Rain and storms aside, however, it’s important to realise that a Brisbane carport is a smart investment in any weather, 365 days of the year.

Benefits of a Brisbane carport in any weather

  • As we’ve already highlighted, a carport in Brisbane is a major bonus during rainy weather.
  • In hot, sunny weather, a carport is perhaps even more important. Did you know that a car parked in the sun can experience inside temperatures 30 degrees or more higher than the temperature outside? This means that your car can easily reach 60 or 70 degrees Celsius on hot days. Little wonder it can be darn uncomfortable when you first hop in a car that’s been exposed to the sun.
  • While much of Brisbane rarely experiences frost, if you live in the western suburbs or some areas surrounding Brisbane, it can be a regular visitor. A car that is parked in a carport will never be covered by frost, but a car that isn’t will and you’ll have to remove it before you set off each morning.
  • A carport will protect your car all year round. Whether it’s from the blazing sun, rain or hail, or debris on a windy or stormy day.
  • If you don’t have an outdoor living area or the area is small, a carport can double as an occasional entertainment area. Simply wheel the cars out and replace them with a table, chairs and a BBQ, and invite friends and family around.

The other thing to consider when it comes to carports in Brisbane, or for that matter anywhere in Australia, is that they are a smart financial investment. While there are many factors at play, generally every cent you spend on building a new carport for your home will be paid back when you sell. In some cases, you could make a nice profit.

Mr Carports can help design and build your Brisbane carport

If you are building a new carport, Mr Carports has the experience and expertise to help you every step of the way. From the all-important planning and custom design stage, through the red tape of council planning, to the actual build and the clean up at the end. We make the new carport process easy.

To set the process in motion, give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782 or contact us today.

A carport for your Brisbane home will be an investment 356 days of the year.
A carport for your Brisbane home will be an investment 356 days of the year.