Is there such a thing as standard sizes for carports? And if there are standard sizes, what, if anything, does it mean to you if you’re considering a new carport for your Melbourne home?

First things first. There are no set standards per se, however, there are minimums sizes that you should use if you’re building a carport. For example:

  • For a single car carport, you’ll need 5.4 metres long by 2.4 metres wide. The height needs to be about 2.4 metres high. You’ll need an extra 300 centimetres on each side that is enclosed.
  • For a double carport, the minimum dimensions are 5.4m X 5.4m X 2.4m. As above, add an extra 300 centimetres for each enclosed side.
  • For triple and larger carports use multiples of the above dimensions.
  • Local council rules can at times apply, so always check in your local area.

Let’s face it, however, if you take a walk around your local neighbourhood you’ll likely see carports (and garages) that are smaller than this. Which, unless you are a contortionist or don’t mind your car’s doors opening onto posts, carport sides and your other car, is not something you want for your Melbourne carport.

In fact, if you have the block-size to allow it, you may want to make your carport larger than ‘standard’. You might have larger than average cars, such as large SUVs.  You might want to allow extra space so there is plenty of room around each of your cars. Or you might want additional space for storage of other items.

If you’re looking for an off-the-shelf or cookie-cutter solution that’s not standard you’re in trouble, but if you get your carport designed and built by Mr Carports in Melbourne, all your problems will be solved!

We don’t do standard carports

At Mr Carports, we don’t design or build standard, cookie-cutter or off-the-shelf carports. All our carports are fully customised to exactly meet the requirements of the homeowners.

So, if you want your Melbourne single carport to be 6 metres long and 3 metres wide, that’s no problems. If you want your double carport to be longer and wider than standard, that’s no issue as well.

The same goes for height. While there obviously are limits, we can design and build your carport to be as high as your like. Adding more height to your carport roof can be essential, particularly if have items such as a caravan or boat to store. Even if you don’t, it can be a good idea to add additional height to increase light and give the perception of increased space.

Full customisation doesn’t just apply to the size of your new carport. The same goes for all other aspects, such as roof style, materials, colours and any additional features. Our aim is to build a carport for your Melbourne home that won’t just be practical, but will also add wow factor to your home.

Mr Carports for your new Melbourne carport

If want to build a carport that is anything but standard, give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782. We’ll organise a convenient time to visit you for a free, no-obligation discussion, design and quote.
Don’t want a standard Melbourne carport? Mr Carports is the answer.

Don’t want a standard Melbourne carport? Mr Carports is the answer.