If you’re considering building a carport for your Adelaide home, you’ll want something that’s large enough for your requirements and looks great. However, there’s another factor that you may also have to consider and that’s budget. How can you make your dollar work harder and still get the carport you want? Let’s take a look at some tips.

6 ways to make your Adelaide carport budget stretch

  1. The first tip, and sometimes the most difficult one for people to come to terms with, involves that dreaded C word. That’s right, you may need to compromise!
  2. Some good examples of compromising would be to forgo features such as a tiled roof or a Dutch gable roof design. These are terrific options, but add cost to the overall budget. This doesn’t mean you have to downsize your dream, however. You can still have a stylish carport in the size you need, but it will take some clever design.
  3. A better budget choice for the roofing would be Colorbond, possibly with some sections of polycarbonate if natural light is an issue. Choose a colour to match the roof of your home. If your home has a tiled roof, and you have a little money to spare, adding barge tiles on the ends that match your home’s tiles is a stylish addition.
  4. When you get quotes from a carport builder, make sure everything is included. People are often caught by hidden inclusions and end up paying more than they expected.
  5. Choose a carport builder who understands your needs and will help you build the carport you need at a price you can afford. It also helps to have someone with buying power to source the materials at a cheaper price.
  6. Don’t rule out using steel in your new Adelaide carport. Timber can be cheaper to source, however, it still needs to be fabricated to fit and possibly stained or painted at the end of the project. Steel comes prefabricated and coloured, and therefore goes up quickly, which means the initial outlay may be more but the final cost similar or potentially less.

Mr Carports for your new Adelaide carport

We didn’t include it in the above tips, but it really should be number 1. Get Mr Carports to design and build the new carport for your Adelaide home.

With our extensive experience (we’ve literally built thousands, of carports in the Adelaide area) we know how to make clients’ money go further without compromising requirements.

In addition:

  1. We provide a free design and quote for all carports.
  2. We provide a 10-year structural guarantee on all our projects.
  3. We have a fixed price promise. This means that unless there is unforeseen circumstances, such as finding rock on excavation, you’ll only ever pay the price agreed on in the contract.
  4. Our franchise buying power means we can source materials at an excellent price.
  5. We will not be beaten on a comparable written quote.

To get more Adelaide carport for your buying buck, give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782 or take a look at Adelaide carports page.

A tiled roof carport or grand design features might be out of the question if you’re on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the carport you want for your Adelaide home.