Summer is the time when the Brisbane carport haves and have-nots really stand out. The have-nots in particular, because they’re the ones who look like they’ve stepped into a sauna when they get in their car at home. Or worse still, they’re the ones with the scald marks on their backs and shoulders from having to lean against a hot car seat. Ouch!

Meanwhile, the homeowners who have a carport for their Brisbane home are cool, calm and collected. No scald marks to see and not a drop of sweat in sight.

Our cars can get awfully hot

We know that a car that’s been parked in the sun on a summer day can get darn hot, but exactly how hot? Well, research by Kidsafe shows that temperatures inside a car can rise by between 20 and 30 degrees in comparison with ambient temperature.

In Brisbane’s climate, where average daily maximums in December, January and February are around 30 degrees, this means the inside of your car can easily reach 50 degrees or more. If we get a stinker – like back in February 2004 when we recorded a high of 41.7 degrees – it can even reach 70 plus. Any wonder our car does feel like a sauna when parked in the sun!

A carport for your Brisbane home is the solution

There’s not a lot you can do when parking to go to the shops and other places away from our homes – unless you’re lucky enough to find shade – but you can do something about the heat at home. The solution is to design and build a carport.

Being able to park your car under a carport, out of the sun, will drop the temperature inside your car significantly. Of course, it will also be pretty handy when it rains or hails as well.

What’s good for you and for your family is also good for your car. Apart from your home, your car is likely to be your next biggest investment. A carport will protect it from hot UV rays and provide protection from the elements. At the end of the day, this can help ensure you get a good price for your car when it comes time to sell or trade-in.

Mr Carports can help

When you’ve had enough of a scalding hot car in the summer and mad dashes to the door in the rain and hail, it’s time to contact Mr Carports in Brisbane.

We can build all types and styles of carports to suit every Brisbane home, including flat roof, skillion, gable, Dutch gable, hip, bullnose and cantilever carports.  We can also build any size carport. We don’t erect cooker-cutter or off-the-shelf products, so you can have the exact size and style carport you want.

For a free, no-obligation quote, phone us on 1800 557 782 or go to our Contact page on the website and submit a form.

And say goodbye to the car sauna at home once and for all!

A carport for your Brisbane home can help reduce the heat this summer.

A carport for your Brisbane home can help reduce the heat this summer.