There’s perhaps nowhere better on the planet to be than in Sydney in spring (well, apart from this year maybe!) The weather is positively gorgeous, with mild days and cool nights the norm. It’s also the driest season, with on average only 21 days when it rains for the entire 91 days of the season. All this is well and good, but as sure as dark follows day, summer will soon roll around and with it hot temperatures and stormy rains. Which is when a carport for your Sydney home really becomes a necessity!

A carport to protect you from the sun

One of the key reasons for needing a carport for your Sydney home is to protect you from the sun. Research by Kidsafe has shown that on a hot sunny day, the temperature inside a car that’s in the sun will be around 20 degrees to 30 degrees hotter than the temperature outside the car. You don’t need to be good at maths to work out this means the mercury inside your car can easily reach 60 degrees or more in summer.

Ever hopped in your car in summer and described it feeling like an oven? Well, you’re not far wrong. You may not be a turkey trussed up for Christmas lunch but you can soon feel like it!

A carport to protect you from the rain and hail

If you’ve ever made a mad dash from your car to your home in a downpour, only to feel like a drowned rat when you do reach the sanctuary of your home, you’ll easily understand the value of a carport.

Any well-designed carport will provide protection from rain and hail, particularly if you carefully consider where to locate it. If keeping dry is a concern to you, locate your new Sydney carport beside your home, with easy access to a door. It will then save you from making the mad dash, many times every year.

A carport to protect your valuable assets

While a carport will help you feel less like a Christmas turkey or a drowned rat, perhaps the number one reason for having a carport is to protect your car. After your home, it’s likely to be your most expensive investment, so you’ll want to protect it from the sun, rain, hail and whatever else Sydney’s weather throws at you.

Properly protecting your car can potentially save you thousands of dollars when it comes time to trade up. Parking your car in a carport when at home, washing it regularly and generally looking after your asset is a smart thing to do.

Organise a quote for a carport today

If you need a new carport for your Sydney home, whether it’s to beat the heat, the rain or the cold, get in touch with Mr Carports today. We’ll then organise a time to visit for a no-obligation discussion of your needs, as well as provide a free design and quote.

Give Mr Carports a call on1800 557 782. You can also visit our Sydney carports page on the website to see examples of some of the carports we’ve built.

A new carport for your Sydney home will save you and your car from the elements.

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