You’ve been doing some research on a new carport for your Melbourne home. Perhaps you’ve already decided on the style, the size, the materials you will use, the colours and even who will help you build your carport (Mr Carports of course!). But have you decided the best location for your Melbourne carport?

While the style, size, materials and colours of your new carport are vital, the location you choose is just as paramount. Choosing the correct location can help ensure your car gets the maximum protection from the elements, is less of an attraction for thieves and, very importantly, is best for you. Let’s take a look at this critical decision more closely.

Best location for your carport

Car protection:

The number one reason you’re likely to want a carport in the first place is to protect your car and it makes sense. Your car is likely to be your second biggest financial outlay after your home. The more you can protect it from the elements, the longer it will last, the better it will look and the more money you will receive when it’s time to trade it in.

The size of your carport is an important consideration to ensure adequate cover, but it’s also vital to consider the prevailing wind in your Melbourne suburb. Generally in Melbourne, this is an arc from the west, from north right around to the south.  To get the maximum protection, it’s a good idea to have protection on the side of the carport that receives the prevailing wind. This protection might be the side of your home, a tree, shrubs, a fence or, if council regulations allow, a wall or screening.

Protection from thieves

If vandalism is a concern, the best location for your Melbourne carport will also factor this into the equation.

The best location for your carport to deter thieves is alongside the home, particularly if you have sliding glass doors or a large window alongside the carport. If alongside your home isn’t possible, towards the front of the property but as far away from the front boundary is perhaps the next best option. The rear of the property can be okay, but only if the area is well lit. A carport in a dark area at the rear provides protection for thieves to give them the time they need to break into your car.

Of course, the other important consideration to deter thieves is lighting. A well-lit carport, or one with sensor lighting, is likely to be a red flag for a thief and hopefully they’ll soon move on.

The best location for you

Where is the best location for your Melbourne carport for you? Obviously, this is an individual preference, but generally alongside your home is the number one location. If you have a door adjacent to the carport, it will allow you to get to and leave your car without getting wet or blasted by the sun.

Having a carport alongside your home isn’t always possible, however. So, in general, choose a location that is flat, as close to the home as possible and as close to an entry door as possible. 

Mr Carports in Melbourne

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Where is the best location for your new Melbourne carport?
Where is the best location for your new Melbourne carport?