Find out how to save money with a new Brisbane carport.
Find out how to save money with a new Brisbane carport.

While there’s no doubt that designing and building a new carport for your Brisbane home is going to be a significant financial outlay, did you know that in the long run a carport can save you money? How? Let’s take a look at some of the more common ways.

5 ways a Brisbane carport can save you money

  1. The first way is the most obvious way and it’s very relevant in the potentially stormy summer season that we currently find ourselves in. That is, a Brisbane carport can save you money – as well as plenty of hassles – by protecting your cars during storms. Hailstones, tree branches and other debris can damage a car in seconds and in some cases destroy it. If you have a carport for your Brisbane home, next time there’s a storm you can admire the wonder of nature without worrying about the damage it may be causing.
  2. While elements such as hail can damage a car in seconds, over time the sun, dust, rain and other elements can also damage your precious asset. Again, a well-designed and built carport (i.e. the only type we provide for our valued clients!) will protect your assets.
  3. If you have to park your car on the street, it’s far more susceptible to accidental or deliberate damage caused by others. It might only be a broken mirror or a minor scratch or dent, but it will still cost money to fix. Plus, there’s also the hassle of being without your car for the time it takes to get fixed.
  4. Likewise, a car that is parked on the street instead of in the carport of your Brisbane home, will be more of a target for thieves. Depending on whether you get your car back and the damage it may have occurred (and whether your car is insured) you may be out of pocket for excess fees, the costs to get any damage repaired or have to buy a new car.
  5. Ever done an online quote for car insurance and noticed that one of the questions is where is your car normally parked? If you can choose carport, it’s likely your premiums will be cheaper. Why? For the same four reasons we have highlighted above. Insurance companies know that if a car is parked in a carport overnight, it’s less likely to be damaged or stolen, which means less risk for them and lower premiums for you.

Save money on your Brisbane carport when getting it built

There is actually one more way you can potentially save money and that’s to get it built by Mr Carports. As well as designing some of the most practical and good looking carports around, we’re also experts in making your money go further. In fact, we’re so confident of our price competitiveness we believe we won’t be beaten on any comparable written quote.

In addition, we have a fixed price guarantee, which means we will build your carport for the amount agreed upon. The only exception to this is if there are any unforeseen circumstances, such as finding rock on excavation. If materials cost us more than anticipated or if we’ve underquoted for some reason, that’s our issue and we’ll wear the costs.

To find out more about how Mr Carports and a Brisbane carport can save you money, see our Brisbane website page or phone us on 1800 557 782.

Find out how to save money with a new Brisbane carport.
Find out how to save money with a new Brisbane carport.