When city folk build a carport in Adelaide they’re thinking about aspects such as how much space they will need, what style will they use, what materials they will build the carport from and how do they get the most from their investment. In many of the surrounding areas of Adelaide, however, there is perhaps a more burning question and that’s how do we build a carport that will withstand a bushfire?

According to some experts, the number of fires and severity could get worse in the future due to climate change. Whether you believe these people or take a more conservative view, there’s no doubt that bushfire is a fact of life for many parts of Australia.

Take an area like the Adelaide Hills. In summer, bushfires are a possibility and although they don’t occur that often (thankfully!) homeowners in the area are on constant alert, particularly on severe days. It’s also why the South Australian Government has requirements for all new outdoor structures built in what are called Bushfire Prone Areas. If you’re considering building a carport in the Adelaide Hills, or other parts of Adelaide surrounds in a Bushfire Prone Area, you will need to comply with these requirements, along with any local government planning needs.

Adelaide carport in Bushire Prone Areas

What are the types of things you’ll need to consider when planning an Adelaide carport in a Bushfire Prone Area?

Of course, materials are a major consideration. The use of brick, metal roofing and wall cladding, steel structural materials and concrete are obvious potential choices in areas where fires are possible, however, the guidelines do not preclude the use of timber. You will, however, need to choose a timber that is bushfire resistant.

One of the other vital considerations is where your carport will be located, in relation to your Adelaide home. A carport that is built right next to a house may need to meet the same construction requirements as the house, while one built away from the home is likely to have less stringent requirements.

Then you need to consider where your property is located. South Australia has been mapped for three categories of bushfire protection areas depending on the level of risk from bushfires and these are graded general, medium or high.

Mr Carports for your new Adelaide carport

If all this sounds confusing or just too hard, there is another way to get your new Adelaide carport designed and built in a Bushfire Prone Area. That’s simply to get Mr Carports to do the work for you.

We’re not only experts at designing and building the best custom-made carports, our branches are owned and managed by local people who understand the requirements in your area, including Bushfire Prone Areas. They can help guide you through the requirements and ensure approvals are obtained as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Phone us on 1800 557 782 or visit our Adelaide carports page for more information about designing and building a carport in the Adelaide area.

If you’re after more information on building or developing in Bushfire Prone Areas, the South Australian Government website is a good starting point.

An Adelaide carport built in a Bushfire Prone Area requires a little extra planning and consideration.
An Adelaide carport built in a Bushfire Prone Area requires a little extra planning and consideration.