Double Gable Tiled Roof Carports in Victoria, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. We’ve been building carports in the Melbourne area since 1991
Double Gable Tiled Roof Carports in Victoria, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. We’ve been building carports in the Melbourne area since 1991

Many people around Brisbane have built carports to replace their garages, but they’ve done so without getting out the sledgehammer or creating a mess.

What we’re referring to are the Brisbane homeowners who have added a carport to their home because their garage has been converted into living space or a bedroom, their garage has been packed to the rafters for storage or they’re garage has simply become too small for their needs. Adding a carport – either to the front of the garage or nearby – is a perfect solution. The carports provide excellent protection for their cars and adds value to their homes.

Of course, this is something that Mr Carports can help you with. We design and build custom-made carports and can provide a free discussion, design and quote. Give us a call on 1800 557 782 to organise a discussion or visit our Brisbane carport page for inspiration.

Carport v garage in Brisbane

If you’re planning on adding protection for your cars in Brisbane but are unsure whether to build a carport or garage, here are some things to consider:

  • When it comes to budget, a Brisbane carport is obviously going to be a lot cheaper than a garage.
  • A carport will also take less time to build than a garage. This can of course depend on how elaborate your carport will be and whether you’re going to add features such as lighting, a tiled roof or a roller door, but in general a carport is a quicker and easier structure to build.
  • Many people opt for a garage because of the added security, but there are things you can do to make a carport more secure. The addition of fencing, screening and even a roller door (remote operated if you wish!) can provide added protection for your cars and other assets.
  • If you’re likely to use your carport/garage for occasional entertaining, a carport wins hands down, due to the open nature of the structure.
  • While regulations differ between Brisbane councils, the approval requirements for a carport can be a little less onerous than for a garage.
  • This point is perhaps somewhat subjective and a general statement, but we believe a carport will add more street appeal than a garage. Of course, this will depend on the quality of the design and the build.
  • In the end, whether you build a carport or a garage, you’ll be adding value to your home. You won’t necessarily appreciate that now, but you will when it’s time to sell.

If you would prefer a garage for your Brisbane home but your budget won’t allow now, there is one other thing you can consider and that’s building a carport that you can transform into a garage later. It’s not quite as simple as whacking up walls and putting on a door, however. This option requires planning to ensure it can be successfully done, but in theory, a carport can be converted into a garage at a later time.

Tossing up between a carport and a garage for your Brisbane home? Here are some things to consider.