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How do you make sure your new Sydney carport perfectly complements your home?

Apart from the obvious answer (i.e. call in Mr Carports) there are several things you should consider to make sure your new carport is as good looking as it is practical.

5 steps to the perfect carport for your Sydney home

  1. One way to perfectly match your carport to your home is to use the same roof shape. Got a hip roof on your home? Incorporate a hip roof in your carport. Got a gable roof on your home? Use a gable roof in your carport. While we could go on and on about roof shapes we won’t bore you anymore; suffice to say that matching roof shapes can be a good idea.
  2. While matching roof shapes is one way of achieving a carport that goes hand in hand with your home, it’s not the only answer. A complementary roof can also work well. Take the main image on this page. The carport has a gable roof while the home has a hip roof. The triangular shapes of the roofs complement each other and the use of colours and features also help to marry the two structures together.
  3. Colour, as briefly mentioned above, is vital for your new Sydney carport. Perfectly matching the colours used on the outside of your home is a really simple way of creating symbiosis, but you might want to be a little daring and use complementary colours. Done well, it can make a great impact. Done poorly (picture red bricks against an orange carport) it can be a disaster! A simple tool to use when considering complementary colours is a colour wheel (see Choose colours on the opposite sides of the colour wheel or colours that are monochromatic (different shades of the one base colour).
  4. Another reason why the carport pictured in the main image works so well is the use of features such as the fretwork, end-fill and finials. The fretwork is similar to the fretwork featured in the house, while the end-fill uses the same cladding as the house. The finials aren’t featured on the home but suit the style and age of the main structure.
  5. The materials you choose can also play a big part in how well your new Sydney carport matches your home. We’ve already highlighted the use of timber cladding in the end-fill on the carport on this page. You can use a similar approach for posts, guttering, downpipes, roofing and other features of your carport and home. Again, you can complement rather than match, if you prefer. For example, if your home has a tiled roof, but your budget doesn’t stretch far enough for a tiled-roof carport, you might consider a Colorbond metal roof in the same colour as your home’s tiles.

If these five steps all seem a little difficult or are like gobbledygook to you, then don’t worry, Mr Carports is here to help. Matching and complementing carports to existing structures is one of the areas we excel in and it’s all part of the service and advice you can benefit from when you use Mr Carports in Sydney.

A Sydney carport can be as pretty as a picture if you put into place our five key points.
A Sydney carport can be as pretty as a picture if you put into place our five key points.