Add an Adelaide carport to your home and you’ll never have to worry about the annoying Mr Frost again!

Let us tell you a story about Mr Jack Frost and Mr Carports in Adelaide.

Mr Frost is that natural yet somewhat annoying phenomenon that sneaks in on cold nights and freezes the dew on the ground, vegetation and any stray vehicles that haven’t been left undercover. He’s a regular visitor to the Adelaide area at this time of the year. If your car has been affected, you’ll know all too well the feeling of trying to remove the frost so you can safely go to work or drop the kids off to school, usually with the heater on full blast to warm up your now freezing hands!

That’s where Mr Carports enters the story. He’s hardly naturally occurring, but he’s definitely not annoying (and he is somewhat phenomenal!). You see, when you invite Mr Carports around to your Adelaide home and have a new carport built, you’ll never have to worry about the annoying Mr Frost again. No more getting to work or dropping the kids off late because you had to remove frost and no freezing cold hands removing the frost again!

Adelaide carport a year-round investment

While protecting your car (and your cold hands) from the effects of frost is a great reason for getting a new Adelaide carport, it’s far from the only reason. A carport will come in mighty handy on those rainy days when you can’t get to or leave your car for fear of getting drenched. And it will be a blessing on those scorching days in summer, when the hot sun on an exposed car can skyrocket the inside temperature by 20 or even 30 degrees Celsius.

But getting a carport isn’t all about you and your comfort (sorry!). Perhaps the main benefit of having an Adelaide carport is that you’ll protect what is likely your second-most expensive asset from the elements. You’ll protect it from the rain, from the sun, from falling debris, from hail and, of course, from frosts.

It’s all about protection

To provide the best protection for you and your car or cars, Mr Carports will build your new Adelaide carport using quality materials and our top-notch craftmanship. We’ll also make sure that your carport is large enough for your needs, whether you have  two cars or more, or even potentially a boat, caravan, trailer and other items you want to protect.

There are some other things you might consider to beef up this protection even further, and not just from the elements:

  • Lighting on your Adelaide carport will help you find your way around after dark and can also help to protect your car from thieves. You can choose from options such as sensor lights, lights that are turned off from a switch on your carport or inside your home or lights that turn on whenever it is dark.
  • While carports traditionally don’t have ends or walls, filling or part-filling part of your carport can make sense, particularly on the side or sides that are exposed to the most common winds.  This will help keep your car and you nice and dry and further protect your car from flying debris during storms or strong winds.
  • Likewise, while carports usually don’t have doors there’s absolutely no reason why your new Adelaide carport can’t be fitted with one.  Add remote control functionality to a roller door and you’ll have the ultimate in convenience. As well as providing extra protection for your car, you’ll again be reducing the potential for your vehicles to become the victims of thieves.

Contact Mr Carports in Adelaide by phoning 1800 557 782. We’ll sort out that annoying Mr Frost! And Mr Wind, and Mr Sun…

Add an Adelaide carport to your home and you’ll never have to worry about the annoying Mr Frost again!