A Sydney carport with a tiled roof and a night on the tiles both have style and wow factor!

A night on the tiles can be a lot of fun, but let’s face it, nobody has had one of those for quite some time. So, the next best thing if you’re looking to build a new Sydney carport, is a carport with tiles. Like the night out equivalent, it can be a little costly on the hip pocket but it never lacks the wow factor!

Tiled roof Sydney carport

If quality, style and wow factor are key objectives of your new Sydney carport, or you simply want to match the tiles on the roof of your house, then a tiled roof carport is well worth considering. But it does come at a little extra cost. That’s because of the extra framework required to support the weight of the tiles. There’s the cost of materials required, plus the cost of the labour to build the structure to add in.

However, particularly if your Sydney home has a tiled roof, a tiled roof carport is well worth the investment. Why? One of the keys in carport design is to create a carport that complements or matches your home. Therefore, if you can accurately match the tiles on your home when building your Sydney carport you’ll be well on the way to design nirvana.

Of course, it’s not just the tiles on the roof to consider when complementing or matching your home. There are other things you should consider if you want to create a Sydney carport that’s as good looking as it is practical.

  • The style of your home’s roof is also important. There are standard gable, Dutch gable, hip, flat and more styles to consider, but if you don’t know a gable from a hip don’t worry, the point is that if you can match the roof style your carport will be well on the way to looking fantastic.
  • What other materials are featured in your home? Does it have timber posts, rendering, or other features?
  • Of course, colour is also important. Generally it’s best to match the paint colours used on the outside of your home, which is quite easy to do. However, instead of matching the colours, you could also use complementary colours, which when done well can add a point of difference to your carport.

Mr Carport for your new Sydney carport

If you don’t know a hip roof from a gable, your design skills maxed out in prep, or your DIY skills are pushed to change a light bulb, then you’ll need help to design and build your new carport. That’s where Mr Carports comes to the fore.

Mr Carports has been designing and building custom carports in Sydney and across Australia since 1991. In that time we’ve built thousands of carports, so we know a thing or two about what we’re doing. While designing carports that match or complement homes may be Double-Dutch to you (as opposed to Dutch gable) it’s second-nature to us.

So, give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782 to organise a no-obligation discussion, design and quote. We won’t promise you a night on the tiles, but we can give you the best looking carport in the street.