Carport Buiders and Installers of Stratco and Custom Carports in Adelaides. Looking to build in a bushfire prone area with bushfire resistant materials?

The tragic bushfire events of the past few months have again highlighted the need for prudent building practices if you live in the bush and indeed if you live on the fringes of a major city such as Adelaide. And it’s not just houses that need to considered. It’s also other structures such as carports.

When most of us are thinking of building a new carport in Adelaide, aspects such as the size of the carport and style will need to be considered. However, if you live in the Adelaide Hills or other parts of the city near forest or bush, there’s another consideration and that’s bushfires. It’s not just good sense, either, with South Australian Government requirements applying for any outdoor structure built in bushfire prone areas. The requirements to build with bushfires in mind are in addition to any local government requirements that you’ll need to comply with.

It may sound like a lot of red tape and a headache, but it doesn’t need to be. If you are considering building a new Adelaide carport in an area classified as a Bushfire Prone Area, here are a few tips from Mr Carports.

Building an Adelaide carport in a Bushfire Prone Area

  1. Materials are perhaps the single most important element to consider for your Adelaide carport. The use of brick, metal, steel and concrete are obvious choices for fire prone areas, but you can still use timber. However, you’ll need to choose timber that is allowed by the regulations, which in general include timbers that are bushfire resistant. These can include timbers such as Blackbutt and Spotted Gum.
  2. Where you want to place your Adelaide carport is also an important consideration. In simple terms, if you want your carport adjacent to a house you need to meet the same construction requirements as the house itself, while one built several metres away is likely to have less stringent requirements.
  3. Another major consideration is the bushfire risk in your area. It can range from low to areas where direct exposure to flames, a fire front or ember attack are possible.

So, what to do you do if you want to build an Adelaide carport in a bushfire prone area? You could look at this South Australian Government website for more information and try to weave your way through the regulations, or you could simply give Mr Carports a call.

Our branch managers are experts at designing and building the best custom-made Adelaide carports. Plus, because our branches are managed by local people who understand the requirements in your area, including Bushfire Prone Areas, our Adelaide branches can help you wade through the requirements and ensure approvals are obtained as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Phone us on 1800 557 782 or visit the Adelaide carports page on our website for more information about designing and building a carport in the Adelaide area.

Building a new Adelaide carport in a bushfire prone area requires knowing the facts and getting expert advice
Building a new Adelaide carport in a bushfire prone area requires knowing the facts and getting expert advice