Steel frame, metal or aluminium carport builders near me Adelaide
Steel frame, metal or aluminium carport builders near me Adelaide

Let’s face it, most of us are darn busy these days and that’s why we’re always looking for ways to help reduce the workload, whether it be with a new phone app, a new appliance or trying to bribe the kids to do some work for us! So, if you’re considering building a new Adelaide carport, you should steel yourself for some good news; a carport that needs virtually no maintenance is possible.

An Adelaide carport made from steel frame or aluminium is the answer

One of the ways to reduce maintenance requirements on any outside structure, whether it be an Adelaide carport or a patio, pergola or verandah, is to use metal materials and in particular steel.

Why steel? Put simply, low-maintenance is in its DNA. It won’t rot, warp, split or twist and of course it’s very strong. And, when it comes to outside structures, it can be sourced pre-finished in a range of colours, so you won’t need to get out the paint brush now, in ten years’ time or essentially ever, unless you want to change the colour.

In addition, virtually every part of your new Adelaide carport can be made from steel. From the posts, beams and other structural materials, to the roof, gutters, downpipes, end infills and more.

Of course, its low-maintenance characteristics aren’t the only reasons you should consider steel for your new Adelaide carport. Here are a few more:

  • Using steel on a residential carport once meant your block would look more like an industrial complex than a home, but that’s all changed. Today’s steel is more aesthetically pleasing. For example, there are beams that have been developed to look more like timber than steel. Plus, steel’s use is now more widespread. You’ll even see steel cladding being used more and more to clad the walls of homes.
  • Steel was once considered an expensive option, but these days it can be cheaper in some cases to build your Adelaide carport using steel than timber. Part of the reason is that steel materials are often pre-fabricated to size off-site, so they be quickly erected and put in place when they reach your home. This makes the job quicker and reduces labour costs.
  • If you’re environmentally-conscious, steel is a good choice as it’s fully recyclable.

Mr Carports in Adelaide

One of the great reasons for choosing Mr Carports’ Adelaide branch to design and build your new Adelaide carport is that the invaluable advice we’ll provide is far from cheap, but it won’t cost you a cent! Are you better off building using steel, timber or another product, or are you better mixing materials? Once we meet to discuss your project we can provide the advice you need to make the right decisions.

Give us a call on 1800 557 782 to organise your free and no-obligation discussion.

NOTE: It’s worth noting that if you are after a low-maintenance Adelaide carport you might also consider using aluminium. It has many of the same qualities of steel and, in addition, it will never rust. Ask your local Mr Carports branch manager about which materials are best for your needs.

A low-maintenance Adelaide carport is possible with materials such as steel.
A low-maintenance Adelaide carport is possible with materials such as steel.