Modern Flat Roof Rendered Carport Brisbane QLD, Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston

If you have a modern house in the Brisbane area then it simply makes sense to build a Brisbane carport that is also modern. Think sleek lines and a clean style and you’ll have made a good start; add rendering and you’ll have an even better finish!

Why build a rendered Brisbane carport? Perhaps the main reason is that many homes built today are rendered, so a rendered carport will add symmetry that may be difficult to achieve with other materials. Rendering your carport in this situation – and using the same paint colour as used on the render of your home – will help match the carport to your home, a key to achieving style success.

What’s also worth highlighting is that a rendered Brisbane carport will also be virtually maintenance-free and isn’t overly complicated or expensive to build.

To build a rendered Brisbane carport, a flat-roof structure is built and guttering, downpipes and any electrical wiring (if for example you’re installing lights) installed. While the posts for the carport can be constructed with brick or other masonry, which is then rendered, generally timber or steel posts and beams are used, which are then boxed-in. These boxed-in frames are then covered with blueboard sheets and rendered. Paint can then be applied.

To really finish off your Brisbane carport, an excellent option is to add a plaster ceiling and downlights. This completes the clean style of a rendered carport and makes your Brisbane carport even more practical at night. You may even consider adding a garage door with remote, to increase security, protection and practicality.

Either way, the result is sure to be a carport that does a great job of keeping the sun, rain and hail off your precious cars and other assets, while at the same time looking great!

The rendered Brisbane carport experts

If you’re considering building a new rendered Brisbane carport or any style of carport in Brisbane, Mr Carports can help. We’ve been building carports since 1991 and have built hundreds of carports across the Brisbane area. Carports that add style, are practical and tough enough to handle the harsh Brisbane sun and any other weather that comes our way.

Here are other reasons to consider Mr Carports Brisbane branch:

  • We’re locals, so we understand the various planning requirements in the Brisbane area.
  • We don’t build one-size fits all carports. We custom design and then build your Brisbane carport to suit your individual requirements.
  • Speaking of carport designs, we provide a free design and quote for all carport projects.
  • We only use quality materials and brands, such as Colorbond and Danpal.
  • We have fixed priced guarantees.
  • Enjoy the comfort of our 10-year structural warranty.
  • Experience our concept to clean-up service, which means we’ll look after every aspect of your Brisbane carport, from start to finish.

 It all adds up to a carport project that’s about as easy as it can get for the homeowner.

Want to know more? See the Mr Carports Brisbane branch page or give us a call on 1800 557 782 today!

A rendered Brisbane carport is a perfect match for many modern homes.