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If Goldilocks was looking to build a new Adelaide carport, rather than focusing her attention on chairs, porridge and beds, what would you tell her? To use timber or steel for the structure? To make sure the foundations are solid? To use tiles or Colorbond for the roofing? Well, if it was us (and we do know a bit about building carports!) we’d tell her to go back to the beginning… It’s time to plan to make sure your Adelaide carport in front of your home is just right.

Six key planning decisions for your new Adelaide carport

  1. While it’s somewhat boring and certainly not most people’s favourite task, the first thing we’d suggest if you’re going to build a new carport in Adelaide is to check council regulations. This is not simply to check to see if you’ll need to go through the council planning process (which you likely will) it’s also to see if there are any restrictions you’ll need to factor in. These may include heritage restrictions, the size of your carport, the materials you use and how close you can build to your boundaries. These considerations are vital and may affect some of your next key decisions.
  2. Next, consider where you want your carport to be located. For some homeowners, particularly with a smaller block, the choice will be pretty clear, but if you have a large block you may have several options. For most people, close to the house and as close as possible to the most-used door is the obvious choice, as it will be handy when the weather’s inclement and when lugging groceries or luggage to and from the car.
  3. Next, do you want an Adelaide carport that’s freestanding or adjoining your home? An adjoining carport is most popular as it provides excellent protection from the elements, however, a free-standing carport may suit you and your block more.
  4. Perhaps the most important decision of all is the size of your Adelaide carport. While your block size may dictate how large your carport can be, if you’re less restricted you should consider how you are likely to use your carport now and into the future. One car, two cars, a trailer, a boat, a caravan, other items… The list can go on.
  5. Style is another very important factor. If you’re going to the expense of building a new Adelaide carport you’ll want it to look good. Getting the style right can simply be a matter of looking at your existing home and matching style elements, such as the roofline, design elements, materials and colours. If you prefer a complementary look you have more freedom, however, it’s important to consider carefully the style of your home. For example, a modern carport may not work well with a period home and vice-a-versa.
  6. Last but certainly not least is what materials will you use in your Adelaide carport? If you are matching the carport to your home, the choices will be more obvious, but you will still need to consider options such as the structural material (timber, steel, aluminium), roof material (tiles, Colorbond or polycarbonate) and the material used for the gutters, downpipes and other elements.

Mr Carports will ensure your Adelaide carport is just right
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Planning is essential for getting your Adelaide carport just right.