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The best Sydney carport in the street

We’ve all heard about the best and worst house in the street, but what about the best and worst carport in the street? No matter where you live in Sydney, there’s likely to be examples of both, so if you’re considering a new Sydney carport it pays to ensure your carport falls into the best category. Here’s some advice from Mr Carports to do just that.

The practical Sydney carport

First and foremost, your Sydney carport must be practical. If it doesn’t do a good job of protecting your car – your prized investment – the best looking carport won’t cut the mustard and will cause you years of headaches.

To be practical your carport really only has to do one main thing and that’s keep the elements off your car. Rain, sunlight and wind can do damage to your car over time and hail can do harm in a matter of seconds. So, make sure your new Sydney carport is built well, from durable materials and is large enough to provide protection for all your cars, as well as potentially your boat, caravan, trailer and other items.

Here are some other things you might consider for your new Sydney carport to make it even more practical:

  • Lighting can help finish off a carport, particularly a sensor light. This will add to your comfort when you use your car at night and decrease the risk of thieves targeting your vehicles.
  • Installing an end and even potentially one or two sides to your carport will increase the protection from the elements for your vehicles, particularly when you factor in your local area’s prevailing winds.
  • You can even install a roller or other door system on your Sydney carport to increase protection. Add remote control functionality to boost practicality even further.

The stylish Sydney carport

After practicality, style is the next most important factor, as the best carport in the street will add aesthetic appeal to your home, while the worst will detract.

When looking at carport style there is more to consider than simply four posts and a roof.  Style can also be dictated by:

  • The materials you choose to build your Sydney carport, such as steel, timber, aluminium and polycarbonate.
  • The roof design of your carport. Flat roofs, gable roofs, Dutch gable, curved and hip are the most common.
  • The colours you choose.
  • The size, particularly in relation to the size of your home.
  • Other elements, such as boxed in posts and gutters, and decorative features such as end fills and finials.

The best Sydney carport in the street will look like it just belongs with your home; that it was built at the same time as your house. The worst won’t necessarily look like it’s falling down or needs maintenance; it may simply look like it belongs to another home!

So, when building a new Sydney carport, match or complement your existing home. It sounds easy, but can be more difficult in practice, which is where Mr Carports can help.

Practicality and style equals best Sydney carport

When you add style with practicality, you have the best Sydney carport in the street. One that not only does a darn fine job of protecting your vehicles, it does it in style. You’ll treasure it for many years and perhaps decades to come, and it will add a lot of value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.

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Make sure your Sydney carport is the best in the street.