When is a Brisbane garage not a garage? When it’s a Brisbane carport, of course, and while this may sound a little ridiculous stick with us and we’ll explain!

What we’re referring to is a carport that includes a roller door or other door system. From the front of the carport the structure can look essentially like a garage, but the difference becomes apparent when viewed from the sides or the end, although in some instances one or both sides, or the end can also be filled in. With all sides and ends enclosed you’ve probably got a garage, but whether you call it a garage or carport is entirely up to you!

Adding a door system to your Brisbane carport is a great solution, for example, when your carport is near the street. It will increase security for you and your vehicles. It will be particularly handy, for example, when you need to make multiple trips to your car from your home with groceries, luggage, etc, without having to worry about someone potentially helping themselves to something from your car. A roller door or other door system will also provide greater protection for your vehicles from the elements, particularly if the front of your carport faces the prevailing winds.

With a garage door installed on your Brisbane carport, you can also have the added convenience of making the door remote controlled.

Brisbane carport and roller door considerations

If you’re considering adding a door system to an existing Brisbane carport, it may be best to call in the experts. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, your existing carport may not be strong enough to deal with the weight of a door. The second reason is that the installation of garage doors can be tricky. If you’re a seasoned DIYer, you’ll perhaps be able to overcome these two challenges yourself, but if in doubt get someone who knows what they are doing.

The other main consideration is council planning regulations. In some council areas you may need to get planning permission; in others you may not. This is again something that an expert should be able to help you with, because they should have knowledge about council planning in your local area and be able to guide you through the red tape process.

New Brisbane carport with roller doors – we’re the experts!

Talking about experts, if you’re looking to build a new Brisbane carport with a roller door or other door system, Mr Carports are the experts. We’ve built thousands of carports in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia, so our experience in carport design and construction is second-to-none. And, because we’re locals, we understand the council planning requirements in the Brisbane area and can make the process a smooth one.

In fact, we can look after every part of the process for you – from the design and planning permission, through to the build and clean up.

All you’ll need to do is open the door to your new Brisbane carport when the job is done!

Call Mr Carports on 1800 557 782 today!

A Brisbane carport with a roller door or other door system installed.