It seems more and more people are shopping with their fingers these days, going online to buy everything from clothing to pet food. However, we reckon if you’re in the market for a new Sydney carport it’s time to get on your feet to do some shopping, although this is one item you won’t bring home in a bag!

To be fair, we’re not suggesting you should go out and shop for a new Sydney carport. We do think it’s a good idea, however, to window shop, by walking around your local neighbour hood. See, the thing about carports, as opposed to other outdoor structures like patios, is that they are usually visible from the street, so here’s your chance to view some of the good, the bad and the ugly carports, so you get a better idea of the carport that you want.

So, are you ready? Let’s get your walking shoes on!

The good Sydney carport

The good Sydney carports in your local neighbourhood will hopefully predominate. They’re the ones that match or complement the house, are large enough to accommodate at least a single car, provide good protection and are well positioned on the block.

The bad

The bad Sydney carports are pretty easy to spot. They’ll be the ones that are positioned so close to the fence or the house that the passenger will need to climb through the driver’s door to get out. Or the carports that are positioned too far away from the house for no reason, or don’t provide adequate protection for your precious car or your family.

The ugly

Even easier to spot are the ugly Sydney carports. They’re ones that look like they belong with another house, because they neither match or complement the home they’re alongside. Or perhaps they’ve been neglected, have peeling paint, broken downpipes and gutters with weeds larger than some garden plants. Or, worse still, they look like they’ll fall down in a sudden gust of wind.

The sad Sydney carport

Then, of course, there is the sad Sydney carport or more correctly, the sad Sydney home. That’s the home that’s crying out for a new carport to be built!

If this is your home, then give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782. We’ll organise a time to visit you for a no obligation discussion, where we can talk about the Sydney carport you want, including the size, style, position and other aspects. We’ll also provide a free design and quote.

Note: For further inspiration, visit the Mr Carports website (start with our Sydney branch page).

Get your walking shoes on to get ideas for your new Sydney carport.