When is a Brisbane carport not a carport? When it’s used for another purpose, of course. But exactly what purpose is up to you and the number of potential purposes may number more than you think.

Different ways to use your Brisbane carport

There are many reasons why you might want to use your existing Brisbane carport for other reasons than to house cars:

  • You don’t have a car anymore.
  • You have a double or larger Brisbane carport but only need one car space.
  • You’re happy to park your car on the street or somewhere else on your property.
  • You’ve built a garage or another carport.

So, let’s look at 5 other potential ways you could use your carport:

  1. One obvious way is to use your carport to protect other vehicles from the elements. Perhaps you have a caravan, trailer or boat. Rather than parking them on the street or somewhere else where they’re not protected from the elements, or paying for secure parking, using your existing carport make perfect sense.
  2. A carport can also make a great entertainment area, either temporarily for large gatherings or permanently. If it’s a permanent solution you’re looking at, you might consider beefing up privacy by installing screenings or outdoor blinds. Then it’s just a matter of bringing in your outdoor furniture and barbecue, and voila, your entertainment area is complete.
  3. If your carport is secure, you could use it for storage. Using your carport for storage could also be a temporary solution, for example, when you’re de-cluttering your home to prepare for open house inspections or when you have to accommodate family for an extended period.
  4. If you love gardening but your garden beds are full, you could turn your Brisbane carport into a greenhouse or extra space for pots and hanging baskets.
  5. Again, depending on how private and secure your carport is, you could turn it into a place to exercise or a place for the kids to play.

The above purposes are also worth keeping in mind if you’re building a new Brisbane carport. If you have the space, building a larger carport than is necessary for your car or cars will allow you to use your carport for a number of different purposes, making your carport an even more valuable asset.

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A Brisbane carport that's no longer used as a carport - now that's ingenious!