At Mr Carports, we design and build all types and styles of carports. We also build carports of different sizes and complexities, from simple single carports up to grand 4-car projects. But now and again a project comes along that’s a bit more challenging than other jobs, such as this Brisbane carport.

The carport was challenging for a number of reasons including:

  • The homeowners wanted a Brisbane carport that had a low frontage to minimise the visual impact from the street.
  • They also wanted a carport that perfectly matched the home it would be attached to. While this in itself is not challenging or unusual, as the images show, their home featured a mix of materials and distinctive styles. For the roofing alone, the home had a main tiled roof with a bullnose verandah.
  • The site was sloping, with an established garden on one side.
  • Adding to the challenge was a need to build the Brisbane carport on a relatively limited budget.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, the Mr Carports team met the project head-on. They designed and built a Brisbane carport that not only met the brief, but also provided a wow factor that the homeowners loved.

This was achieved by:

  • Building the carport using both steel and timber. Steel was used for the main structure, which allowed for greater spans, thereby reducing material and labour costs.
  • Rather than choosing a tiled roof, which is expensive to frame and would have significantly stretched the budget, Colorbond was used. The colour chosen perfectly matched the Colorbond on the existing bullnose verandah.
  • Another complex task was to ensure a water-tight join between the carport and the house, made more challenging by the home’s fascias and brickwork.
  • The carport was then perfectly finished with a beautiful bullnose verandah on three sides, to match the bullnose on the house. As the internal image of the carport shows, the structure of a bullnose verandah is quite complex compared with the gable roof of the main part of the carport, but this was an extra cost that was well worth it because of the result.

Simple or challenging, we can make your Brisbane carport dream a reality

Whether you’re looking to build a simple Brisbane carport or something more complex and challenging, Mr Carports can help. We’ll take the time to sit down to discuss your needs and requirements, before providing a free design and quote.

Give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782 or look at our Brisbane branch page for further information.

As the image shows, the structure of a bullnose verandah is quite complex compared with the gable roof of the main part of the carport.