If you live in Sydney and you’re considering having a new carport built for your home, while practicality will be important, design is also likely to be a key. So how can you build a new Sydney carport that will suit your needs while still passing the style test?

Here are Mr Carports’ 5 top tips for making your Sydney carport the best in the street:

  1. Make sure your new carport matches or complements your home’s style. Some of the carports we’ve built for customers look like they were built at the same time as the house, because of the care we’ve taken to match it to the house. Other carports work because they complement the home’s style, whether it be modern, period or some style in between.
  2. Use similar materials for your Sydney carport as your home uses. For example, if your house features timber posts, use timber posts for your carport. If your home has a Colorbond roof, choose a Colorbond roof for your carport.
  3. Choose colours carefully. This will depend somewhat on whether you’re trying to perfectly match your carport to your home or complement it. If it’s a match you’re after, you simply need to use the same colours. If you want a carport that complements your Sydney home, you have a bit more freedom, but always choose colours that will complement the colour of your home.
  4. Size matters. Carefully consider your needs now and into the future. A single carport might be fine for now, but if you’re likely to need parking for an additional car, trailer or caravan at a later time, factor this into your design. It’s also wise not to make your carport too big. A carport that’s crammed into a tight space or one that dominates your home is unlikely to win style points.
  5. Check your local regulations early in the process. Some councils don’t let your build too close to your neighbours’ fences, while others don’t let your build a carport too close to the front of the block. Plus, if you live in a heritage listed area, there’ll be a whole heap of rules and restrictions you’ll need to consider. Factor these regulations into your design early and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassles.

Which leaves our biggest and most important tip for last – get some expert advice to help you through the entire process. Mr Carports has been building carports since 1991 and in the last 26 years we’ve helped thousands of Australians build their dream carport. So, if you’re considering a carport for your Sydney home, contact Mr Carports and our Sydney branch, and organise a free quote today. Phone Mr Carports on 1800 557 782 or contact us via the website.