If you live in Melbourne and your car isn’t parked under cover at night, you’ll know very well that Melbourne experiences quite a few frosty mornings. Which is why a Melbourne carport isn’t just a nice to have asset, it’s practically a must!

But a Melbourne carport isn’t just an asset on frosty mornings, it can be pretty darn useful all-year-round. As these Mr Carport clients can happily testify:

“It’s been a pleasure having you build for us and helping overcome the various snags along the way,” wrote J Blackwell. “We are already noticing the carport on these cold mornings – the car is not iced up like the other car. I’m sure we’ll appreciate it for many years to come, come rain or come shine.”

And shine it will. Come January – the hottest month in Melbourne – and the winter frosts will be a distant memory. It will be the heat and the hot summer sun that you’ll be noticing and you’ll be noticing them more if you don’t have a Melbourne carport. Because the inside temperature of a car that’s left in the sun can be 20 or even 30 degrees hotter than the temperatures outside. In January-alone, Melbourne generally experiences 10 days over 30 and 2 over 35, so if your car’s exposed to the elements it’s going to feel like an oven on hot days.

Sun, rain, hail, snow or frost, the best solution is a Melbourne carport. To organise a free on-site discussion and quote for your new Melbourne carport, give Mr Carports a call on 1800 557 782. You can also look at your Melbourne Branch Page for more information.

Note: For those who aren’t lucky enough to have a Melbourne carport – or your waiting on Mr Carports to build one for you – when your car windscreen is frosted over always remember to de-frost before driving. It’s not only unsafe to drive with a frosted-over windscreen it’s against the law, so you could cop a fine.