All around the nation and in particular in our capital cities like Adelaide, land sizes are getting smaller and smaller. The great Aussie backyard seems to be shrinking, so what do you do if you’re on a small block and want a carport and an outdoor area to entertain and relax? Can you have your Adelaide carport and entertainment area or will one need to go?

The simple answer is yes. You can have both, but it will take a bit of lateral thinking and some clever planning.

One of the best ways to overcome the issue of growing desires and shrinking land is to combine your Adelaide carport and entertainment area into one. Most of the time the structure will be used as a carport, but when friends or family come around the cars can quickly be moved to allow space for furniture and the bbq.

As an example, take a look at the image of the outside structure on this page. It was built by Mr Carports for homeowners in Victoria. In this example, the only available space was along the side of the house, so that’s where the carport come entertainment area was sited.

To maximise the width and provide less of a squeeze at the sides of the structure, the structural posts were located right up against the fence. In addition, to reduce the number of posts, Firmlok steel was used for the frame and connections. And to maximise vertical space, and make the structure more inviting for entertainment purposes, Extenda brackets were used to the lift the height of the structure above the roof of the house. This also allowed extra space for the family’s campervan. A combination of Colorbond and polycarbonate was also used for the roofing material, to maximise natural light.

Plan your Adelaide carport and entertainment area

Planning and careful consideration of your needs are the keys to success when combining an Adelaide carport and entertainment area in one.

For example, if you entertain a lot, you’ll quickly tire of moving the outdoor furniture and bbq in and out of your dual structure. You can overcome this by making the structure a little longer, so that it can occupy the furniture, bbq and cars. Or you may consider buying folding furniture that can be stored against one wall or end of the carport.

When you’re ready to sit down with an expert to talk about your new Adelaide carport and entertainment area, phone Mr Carports on 1800 557 782. We can help you with expert advice on how to make your dual structure meet your needs. You can also look at our Adelaide branch page for inspiration.