If you’re planning on designing and building a new Brisbane carport and want to add a touch of sophistication and style, a Dutch gable roof could be just what you’re after.

A Dutch gable roof is essentially a hip roof with a piece on the top, called a gable. In Britain, the Dutch gable roof is often referred to as a gablet roof and sometimes it’s also referred to as a Dutch hip roof.

While certainly adding wow factor, the Dutch gable is usually entirely decorative and adds no practical purpose to a carport, house or outside structure.

Dutch gable roofs are more expensive to build because of the additional complexity of the structural framing required, resulting in an increase in material and labour costs. But given the architectural interest, the Dutch gable roof offers, for many people the extra expense is well and truly worth it.

A Dutch gable roof can be fitted on virtually any carport, whether big or small. They are a particularly good option when your house also features a Dutch gable roof, therefore adding a complimentary feel to both structures.

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Adding style to a Brisbane carport can be achieved with a Dutch gable roof.