One of the current trends around much of Australia, including Melbourne, is for contemporary and modern structural design. So when Mr Carports sat down with homeowners from Dandenong to discuss a new carport for their modern-look home, a modern Melbourne carport was top of the homeowners’ wants.

To meet the homeowners desire for a modern Melbourne carport, a relatively simple flat roof structure was built. The posts and outside beams where then boxed-in using blueboard sheets. These sheets were then rendered in a colour to compliment the home. To finish off the modern look, a plaster ceiling was installed to cover the internal part of the framing.

Another reason why the blueboard boxing and plaster ceiling meets the modern brief, is that it covers all the services. While you’d never know it, items such as guttering, downpipes and electrical wiring are contained inside the boxing and ceiling, providing a flush, modern look.

Modern Melbourne carport meets homeowners’ needs

The result is a carport that is practical. It can protect two cars while allowing the homeowners to keep out of the elements. They’ll be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, particularly when the hot sun it at its peak. At the same time, the carport is modern, stylish and trendy.

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