If you’re considering building a new carport and are looking for design ideas, inspiration may be a lot closer than you think. That’s because a great way of designing and building a carport is to match it to your house, like this Adelaide bullnose carport.

The house is connected to is a beautiful heritage-style home in the Eastern Hills area of Adelaide, and it featured a bullnose verandah. So when it came to designing a carport, Mr Carports and the homeowners quickly decided on a bullnose carport.

While the style of the carport is obviously an important consideration when matching the carport to your house, the other important element is the material you choose. By ensuring the materials are the same – or as close to the same as possible – as the materials used in the house you’ll be on the road to success.

In the case of this Adelaide bullnose carport, obviously a Colorbond bullnose roof was chosen, in the same colour as the roof on the verandah and house. Just as important, the turned posts, gutters, timber and other features of the carport were also carefully chosen to match the house, as was the paint colour.

Adelaide bullnose verandah a wise investment

The end result is a carport that perfectly matches the house it adjoins. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to know that the carport wasn’t built at the same time as the house.

The carport is an asset for the homeowners and provides excellent protection for their cars and other prized possessions. The carport has also added much value to the Eastern Hills home.

For more information on building a carport in Adelaide, see Mr Carports’ Adelaide branch page. Our Outside Concepts website is also a great resource for ideas and inspiration.