There are a few keys to designing a great outside structure for your home and this is certainly no different if the outside structure you’re designing is a new Melbourne carport.

One of the main requirements is that the new carport should compliment the home that it’s built near and, in some cases, next to. There is perhaps no better way of demonstrating this than the image on this page. The carport looks like it was built when the house was built, but it wasn’t. It was built in recent years by Mr Carports, with careful consideration to ensure the carport complimented the house.

There are several reasons why the carport and house are ‘as one’:

  • Instead of using a flat-roof carport, dutch gable or other roof style, a standard gable roof was chosen to match the style of the home’s roof.
  • The materials used in the carport are similar to those used in the house. This is particularly the case in the choice of tiles for the roof, which match the tiles on the house. A different – and most likely cheaper – material could have been used but it wouldn’t have produced the same beautiful, complimentary look.
  • The colours were carefully chosen to match or compliment the house. This includes the white used in much of the structure timber and the beige colour used in the front infill and eaves of the carport.

So, while the carport certainly does a great job of doing what it was meant to do – protecting the car – it does it with a style that can only be attained with careful consideration to the design, materials and colours.

If you’re considering building a new Melbourne carport, got to our Carports Melbourne  branch page or take a look at the carports page on the Outside Concepts’ website.